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When one is painting, one shall not be compelled to create a masterpiece. Painting is about experiencing and making encounters on the canvas that allow you to draw some conclusions by feeding your soul at the same time.

a few words:

Each painting is a record of a new experiment with materials, and a series of improvisations and intentions as well. Each canvas represents the emotion of an instant, a thought represented by a gesture, the freedom of the hand that guides and is guided.
In my painting, I am constantly seeking feelings as much gestural as visual, as much the simple pleasure of painting as of creating an emotional response on the part of those who look at my work.
My objective is attain a balance that involves the creation of tensions which give structure to the whole.
A painting is finished when the energy which has driven me is exhausted and a balance has been reached. It is not a conscious decision, it is a feeling from my interior.